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                   This company accepts the document which CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Freehand, the Photoshop software manufactures; The writing must transfer the curve or the outer edge character.   1、the name card manufacture size for 56×92mm (name card finished size for 54×90mm, nearby fours contains 1mm hemorrhage position respectively). Folds the card or the special size please do mark the size dimension.   2、proclaims the circular manufacture size for 216×291mm (end product actual size for 210×285mm, nearby fours including 3mm hemorrhage position the special size please mark the size dimension respectively).   3、to prevent to cut to the name card on the writing or other contents, please lay aside the writing and other contents in cuts in the tangent 3mm.   4、CorelDraw please save the CDR form, if is 10.0 above the edition, after suggesting transfers the curve, in addition to save is 9.0 editions. (uses graph of the CorelDraw special effect, please transform bitmap, bitmap resolution 350dpi).   5、Freehand, Illustrator please save the EPS form, * the external phantom document, needs the attached figure files.   6、Photoshop please save TIF or the JPG form, * above document resolution 350dpi.   7、all document color pattern please suppose is the C.M.Y.K pattern.   8、the line will be lower than 0.076mm, printing will be unable to appear, must establish is not smaller than 0.076mm.   9、the color hypothesis cannot be lower than 8%, in order to avoid the color is unable to appear.